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Jim Frazier Photography including tips and techniques, photography training, and some of my better pictures.  

You can see my portfolios here.

Here is information on how you can license my images, purchase prints, or hire me.

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Photography Classes and Training

We offer photography classes and seminars through organizations like park districts, libraries, etc.  Here's our schedule and a list of the classes.  I also do one-on-one photography coaching.  Here are resources available to our participants.

Sales Tax Seminars

I present seminars, webinars, and coaching on Sales and Use Taxes and other accounting topics.  Here is more information about the Sales and Use Tax seminars.  

And you can read my sales tax blog here!

I also post sales and use tax links on Twitter almost every day. 

Hiring me as a speaker / trainer

Here is more general information about using me as a speaker / trainer.


I have several blogs.

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