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Here are a few testimonials about Jim Frazier.  We have more if you'd like to see them, but this is a sampling from various programs and various types of participants.

"What an astounding turnout - 91 patrons.  From the comments I heard following your program, I could tell that you more than fulfilled their expectations.   I would highly recommend this lecture to other libraries.  I found it to be both informative and easy to follow, especially with your useful handout.  As a speaker, you took what could be a very dry topic and delivered it with both humor and personality.  Throughout your talk, you handled questions from the audience with such finesse.  You really know this topic!  Thanks again for sharing your time and expertise.  We hope to have you back in 2001."

L. Olsen
Oak Lawn Public Library
Oak Lawn, IL

Mr. Frazier was the most skilled and knowledgeable speaker I have heard in years. I highly recommend this presentation...

J. Cramer 
Branch Manager 
WTR, Inc. 
New York, NY

"I was never bored! Questions were answered as they came up in each section. Everybody's input was accepted!" 

K. Olsen
Lindy Mfg. Co. 
Downers Grove, IL

"Jim is an awsome instructor. Very knowledgeable. Makes a typically dry subject extremely enjoyable. The 2 days screamed by. Stories really brought home the subject matter. It was the first seminar I've been to where I wasn't looking at the clock or left early! Keep up the great work." 

M. Kiesler 
Widen Enterprises, Inc. 
Madison WI

"Best trainer I've had yet!"

J. Leipart 
Employee Benefits Specialist/Payroll 
Portage, WI

"Jim was incredible. His knowledge is never-ending and he is able to teach and pass along what he knows. I liked his true-to-life stories and how he used them in his presentation. It really made it easier to apply to my job."

G. Kapalczynski
Administrative Assistant 
Wausaukee Rescue Squad 
Wausaukee, WI

"Jim is a very interesting and informative speaker.  I have learned more in these 2 days than in 12 years of payroll in my office.  Great!"

K. Marolt
Secretary/Payroll Clerk
Northern Diagnostics Services
Virginia, MN

"This was one of the most informative seminars I have ever attended. It was actually fun to attend!"

S. Hardman 
District Accountant 
Mountain View Schools 
Mountain View, MO

"Mr. Frazier was the most skilled and knowledgeable speaker I have heard in years. I highly recommend this presentation, especially to those who think they do not need to attend a payroll seminar!"

J. Cramer
New York, NY

"I thought Jim was a fantastic trainer, very knowledgeable, personable and fun."

J. Ritzen
Suray Promotions
Cherry Hill, NJ

"Jim is a great presenter who not only encourages participation and learning, but commands it in a non-threatening manner. Well done!"

P. Forck
Meskwaki Bingo Casino
Tama, IA

"I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar. I learned many things I didn't know and Mr. Frazier was an exceptional instructor."

S. Hurst
Courier Kendallville
Kendallville, IN

"This is the best seminar I have attended. Jim was prepared and kept the attention of all participants. I will greatly benefit from this seminar. Jim was extremely knowledgeable, personable and professional."

A. Johnson 
Altmann Construction 
Reno, NV

"The instructor made it fun and applied to the real world. He kept the audience's attention and would not let anyone become bored." 

T. Cates 
Administrative Assistant 
Sectek, Inc. 
Moffet Field, CA 

"Jim made it easy to be in a class all day." 

K. Sosa 
Senior Accounting Clerk 
Contra Costa Housing Authority 
Martinez, CA

"This was the best seminar I have been to. Jim was great." 

M. Holbrook
HR Assistant
Smart Modular 
Wilmington, MA

"Very well done! Kept the pace going quickly. Kept me interested on a dry issue!" 

D. Johnson 
HR Manager 
Drew Pearson Marketing 
Bloomington MN 

"Jim Frazier did a great job. He explained Payroll Management in a manner that anyone could understand and be able to put into action. 

T. Delany 
Human Resource Director 
Knudtsen Chevrolet
Post Falls, ID

"Jim kept the audience engaged throughout the day. His audience perception was excellent. He was very knowledgeable and able to convey that knowledge."

H. Ross
Chief Financial Officer 
National Center for Youth Law 
Oakland CA

Jim … attended your sales tax seminar in Arlington last week … fantastic job!. I learned more about sales tax in your one day session than I’ve learned in my 20 years of practice … you do a great job of taking a “dull” subject and making it really interesting."

J. Fiene 
Cunningham and Co., Ltd. 
Geneva IL




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